¡Viva España! - Kyyberi&Vasara goes Spain

The dynamic duo of Kyyberi & Vasara is travelling to Jaca, Spain to attend IIHF Division IIB World Championships in April. The reports from the trip are this year available also in English and you'll find them here. The reports include game reports as well as other stuff from our trip and are updated as often as possible. We also do video interviews with players from the tournament and maybe also with other people we encouter on this trip. This isn't the first time we travel to division IIB World Champioships as we attended the same tournament last year in Izmit, Turkey. This year the participating countries include Mexico, New Zealand, China and Turkey from last year as well as South Africa who promoted from division III and the hosts Spain who relegated from division IIA. At this moment there's not much known for the rosters in tournament but somekind of a preview can be found here as soon as all roster are announced. The reports are also available in our Facebook page as well as in specific Facebook page created for this trip. Unfortunately in Facebook the reports will be in Finnish, excluding some of the videos. On our discussion forum there's an English speaking thread about the tournament where some reporting will also be shared. And if someone non-Finnish speaking has something questions and comments about our trip or maybe you might have a player who you want to be interviewed you can post in the specific thread. On the front page you can also vote for the most interesting country participating the tournament. Links found below

Reporting in discussion forum in English
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¡Viva España! - Kyyberi&Vasara Espanjassa@Facebook (mostly in Finnish)
Nyrkkiä Leukaperiin!@Facebook (mostly in Finnish)

The tournament takes place 5.-11.4.2014